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Author: Yuvalagstein

Key Largo Windstorm Damage Property Claim Lawyer
Posted in Property Damage on January 31, 2024

If you’re living in Key Largo, Florida, it’s a necessity to take comfort in having an insurance policy for your property. However, getting the right compensation from your insurance company could be tedious and time-consuming. It could go on for several months, and years if you cannot seek assistance from an expert property damage lawyer….

The Essential Guide to Hurricane Property Damage Claims in Florida
Posted in Insurance,Property Damage on October 31, 2023

Homeowners in Florida are particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of hurricanes. These powerful natural disasters can leave a trail of widespread property damage in their wake, ranging from structural destruction to flooding. The financial toll on homeowners can be immense, making it imperative to have a solid understanding of the claims process. Assessing Your…

5 Examples of Insurance Bad Faith
Posted in Firm News on October 15, 2023

Insurance bad faith refers to unethical or unfair practices conducted by an insurance company in handling a policyholder’s claim. This breach of good faith and fair dealing can take various forms, but here are the five most common examples. 1. Denial of a Valid Claim Perhaps one of the most distressing examples of bad faith…

Why Was My Fire Damage Claim Denied
Posted in Insurance,Property Damage on September 28, 2023

Fire damage claim denials occur when an insurance company refuses to provide compensation or coverage for losses resulting from a fire. These denials can be incredibly frustrating and challenging for policyholders who are already dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event. Here are several common reasons why fire damage claims are denied. Inadequate Documentation…

Steps to Filing a Roof Damage Claim
Posted in Firm News on September 12, 2023

Roof damage can be a stressful and costly issue for homeowners. Fortunately, if you have homeowner’s insurance, you may be able to file a claim to help cover the repair or replacement costs. Here are the essential steps to take. 1. Assess the Damage The first step is to thoroughly assess the damage to your…