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How Long Do I Have to File a Florida Hurricane Damage Claim?

In Florida, homeowners have one year from the date of the hurricane to file a hurricane damage claim or 18 months if you are reopening a claim. However, there can be variations to this rule depending on your insurance company.


While the standard timeframe is one year, there are factors that can influence how long you have to file a hurricane damage claim. For example:

The Type of Damage

The type of insurance policy you hold can significantly impact the time limit for filing a claim. For instance, flood damage may be covered through a separate policy such as the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) must file notice promptly and have 60 days to submit a “Proof of Loss.”

Policy-Specific Terms

Insurance policies can have specific provisions that affect the time limit for filing claims. Most policies require immediate notification of damage, preferably within a few days to weeks after the hurricane passes. Whereas, others may provide a more extended window for reporting.

Policy Exclusions

Certain types of damages or losses may not be covered, and the time frame for filing claims related to these exclusions could be different or even disallowed.

Date of Discovery

The time limitation for filing a claim might start from the date of discovery rather than the date of the hurricane itself. For instance, if you experienced damage that was not immediately noticeable after the storm but later discovered it, the clock for filing your claim might start from that discovery date.

State of Emergency Declarations

In the aftermath of a severe hurricane, state and federal authorities might declare a state of emergency. During this period, certain time limitations for filing claims could be temporarily suspended or extended to accommodate the extraordinary circumstances.

Legal Proceedings

In some cases, legal proceedings may be necessary to resolve disputes between policyholders and insurance companies. Engaging in legal action can extend the timeline for resolving the claim.

The Importance of Filing Promptly

Filing your hurricane damage claim as soon as possible is crucial for several reasons:

Preservation of Evidence

The sooner you file your claim, the easier it is to gather and preserve essential evidence to support your case. This includes photographs, videos, receipts, and documentation of the damage incurred.

Expedited Repairs

Filing early allows the insurance company to assess the damage sooner, expediting the process of approving repairs or replacements. Delayed filing may lead to further deterioration of your property, complicating the claims process.

Compliance with Insurance Policies

Most insurance policies require policyholders to report any damage or loss in a timely manner. Failure to do so might result in the denial of your claim or reduced compensation.

Peace of Mind

By filing your claim promptly, you can begin the process of recovery sooner, alleviating the stress and uncertainty caused by hurricane-related damages.

If you have any uncertainties or questions regarding the time limitations on filing a claim, consider consulting an experienced Florida Hurricane Property Damage Attorney. They can guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected.