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The Essential Guide to Hurricane Property Damage Claims in Florida

Homeowners in Florida are particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of hurricanes. These powerful natural disasters can leave a trail of widespread property damage in their wake, ranging from structural destruction to flooding. The financial toll on homeowners can be immense, making it imperative to have a solid understanding of the claims process.

Hurricane Property Damage Claims in Florida

Assessing Your Damage

How quickly you assess hurricane property damage can directly impact a subsequent insurance claim. As a result, it is critical to conduct a thorough examination of your property immediately after a hurricane subsides. Take note of any visible damage, inspect the structural integrity of the dwelling, identify water or wind-related destruction, and assess potential hazards.

Additionally, homeowners should document any lost or damaged personal belongings. Photographs and videos are invaluable tools in this process, providing visual evidence that can significantly strengthen a claim. If anyone sustained an injury due to the hurricane, document the harm in detail. This may involve taking photos and collecting copies of medical records related to treatment.

Florida Property Damage Laws

The Florida Homeowner Bill of Rights

This law, approved by Gov. Scott in 2014, summarizes the rights of homeowners when filing property damage claims. Those rights are as follows:

  • Insurance companies must acknowledge receipt of a claim within 14 days.
  • Insurers are required to make a decision on a claim within 30 days after the homeowner has submitted the proof of loss statement. However, they can also inform you that it requires further investigation.
  • You have the right to receive payment on a claim within 90 days unless the insurer finds an issue they are disputing or the claim isn’t covered under the policy.
  • If your insurer disputes your claim, you are eligible for free mediation to resolve it.
  • You may be eligible to receive a free and impartial evaluation if the claim is being disputed.

Statute of Limitations

After suffering damage from a hurricane, Florida law typically allows you three years to file a property damage claim.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The insurance claims process for hurricane property damage in Florida typically involves several key steps:


As soon as it is safe to do so, notify your insurance company of the damage caused by the hurricane.

Initial Assessment

An insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim. They will inspect the property to assess the extent of the hurricane-related damage.

Policy Review

The adjuster will review the homeowner’s insurance policy to determine the coverage and limitations related to hurricane damage.

Estimation of Repairs

The adjuster will estimate the cost of repairs or replacements for the damaged property. They may also consider depreciation if applicable.

Claim Valuation

Once the assessment is complete, the insurance company will calculate the claim’s value, taking into account the deductible and any policy limits.

Claim Settlement

The insurer will provide a settlement offer, which may cover the cost of repairs or replacements minus the deductible.

Dispute Resolution (if necessary)

If you are dissatisfied with the settlement offer, they have the right to dispute it. This may involve providing additional documentation, seeking a third-party appraisal, and/or hiring an attorney.

Repairs and Restoration

Once a settlement is agreed upon, you can proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements. It is critical to keep records of all expenses related to the repairs.

Final Inspection

After the repairs are completed, the insurance company may conduct a final inspection to check that the work was done satisfactorily.

Closure of Claim

Once all necessary documentation and inspections are completed, the insurance company will close the claim.

Hurricane Property Damage Claims in Florida

If the insurance company is unresponsive, uncooperative, or not acting in good faith, filing a lawsuit may be the only option to compel them to fulfill their obligations. For help with your hurricane property damage claim and to ensure you secure the compensation you rightfully deserve, arrange a free consultation with a trusted Florida hurricane property damage attorney today.