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Steps to Filing a Roof Damage Claim
Posted in Firm News on September 12, 2023

Roof damage can be a stressful and costly issue for homeowners. Fortunately, if you have homeowner’s insurance, you may be able to file a claim to help cover the repair or replacement costs. Here are the essential steps to take. 1. Assess the Damage The first step is to thoroughly assess the damage to your…

How to Document Your Property Mold Damage Claim
Posted in Property Damage on August 30, 2023

Mold damage can be a nightmare for property owners, leading to health issues, structural damage, and potential financial losses. Therefore, it is essential to take the following steps to document it and ensure a smooth and successful claim process. Safety First Before you begin documenting the mold damage, prioritize your safety. Wear protective gear, including…

What to Know Before Filing a Mold Damage Claim
Posted in Insurance,Property Damage on August 9, 2023

If you are considering filing a mold damage claim with your insurance company, there are several important factors to be aware of to ensure the claims process is smooth and successful. Understand Your Insurance Policy Thoroughly review your insurance policy, as not all cover mold damage, and coverage can vary widely depending on the policy…

How Long Do I Have to File a Florida Hurricane Damage Claim?
Posted in Firm News on July 31, 2023

In Florida, homeowners have one year from the date of the hurricane to file a hurricane damage claim or 18 months if you are reopening a claim. However, there can be variations to this rule depending on your insurance company. Exceptions While the standard timeframe is one year, there are factors that can influence how…

How Do I Know If I Have a Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claim?
Posted in Firm News on June 22, 2023

Dealing with an insurance claim can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially when an insurance company fails to meet its obligations. In the state of Florida, policyholders and claimants have legal rights and protections against insurance companies acting in bad faith. Here is how to identify whether you have a bad faith insurance claim…