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Before the 1970s, cast iron was the preferred material used for indoor plumbing systems. Cast iron was considered durable, however, over time it was discovered that these pipes are susceptible to corrosion, and when they fail, they can cause severe damage to property.

If you are buying a home or you live in a home that has cast iron pipes, it is important that you are proactive in protecting your home from a cast iron pipe failure that can cause damage to your home. Although your property insurance provider may claim that their policy covers cast iron pipe damage, the reality is that many property insurance providers will deny claims for damage caused by cast iron pipes. The reason many insurance providers deny these. claims is that such damage is the result of normal wear and tear, not because of a system failure. If you need to contest a denied claim or an undervalued claim, you should speak with a Kagan Law cast iron pipe damage attorney.

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Florida Cast Iron Pipe Damage Attorney

What to Do If Your Home Has a Cast Iron Pipe System

If your home is old and still has the original cast iron pipe plumbing, replacing the plumbing system may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, a total replacement may not be an option for some homeowners. There are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of severe damage from cast iron pipes. The most important thing to do is to watch out for signs that your cast iron pipes are damaged. The signs include:

  • Water discoloration: water coming from your faucets may be yellow or brown
  • Foul odor: foul odor can be an indication that sewer gas is escaping from cracked pipes
  • Pests: unexplained invasion of your home by roaches and rodents could be an indication of cracked pipes
  • Persistent leaks: the pipes are constantly leaking
  • Slow or backed-up drains: water in the toilets and sinks is standing or not draining as quickly as expected

How Can a Cast Iron Pipe Damage Attorney Help You?

Whether you want to replace the cast iron pipes in your home or you need to file a claim for damage caused by cast iron pipes, one of the cast iron pipe damage lawyers at Kagan Law can help you. If your insurance company denies the cost of replacing cast iron piping in your home or covering the damage caused by them, you can contest the claim denial. Taking timely legal action with the help of an experienced lawyer will increase your chances of getting a favorable resolution with your insurance company. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a good settlement, and take action in court if necessary.

Florida Cast Iron Pipe Damage Attorney

Speak With a Florida Cast Iron Pipe Damage Attorney

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