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Hurricane Idalia Insurance Claims Attorney

If you were affected by Hurricane Idalia and suffered property damage to your home or business, you may need to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, filing a claim and receiving the benefits that you are entitled to from your insurance is not always an easy process.

Even after a disaster, insurance companies try to protect their bottom line by paying out as little as possible to their policyholders. Often, they do so in bad faith.

If you have filed or are planning to file a claim with your insurance after Hurricane Idalia, contact the hurricane insurance claims lawyers of Kagan Law for help. We understand insurance companies and their policies and can help prevent your insurance company from taking advantage of you so that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Call us today at (954) 300-1068 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

Why Kagan Law?

  • Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of Florida insurance policyholders.
  • We have extensive experience handling insurance claims involving hurricane damage.
  • We understand hurricane insurance policies and can help you understand the limits of your coverage.
  • We are real trial attorneys, meaning we can take your insurance company to trial and win if they refuse to treat you fairly.
  • We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t charge any fees unless we get you more money!

How We Can Help

After a hurricane, you will likely be one of thousands of policyholders filing claims with their insurance providers. Because of this, Insurance companies may take advantage of your vulnerable state and offer you a lowball settlement or take much longer than they need to when processing your claim. Working with one of the experienced hurricane claims lawyers of Kagan Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. We can help you:

  • Review your insurance policy and understand the limits
  • Investigate and evaluate the damage you sustained so you account for the full extent of your losses when filing your claim
  • Prepare your claim by handling forms and paperwork, explaining how relevant laws, and acquiring all the necessary supporting documents you may need
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance provider
  • Litigate your case if a fair settlement cannot be reached

Our attorneys have extensive experience with handling hurricane insurance claims and we have a track record of success defending our client’s rights and upholding the provisions of their insurance policies, recovering the most compensation possible each time. Let us help you today.

Common Damages Hurricane Victims Face

Due to the high winds and heavy rain that accompany hurricanes, some of the most common damages policyholders face are:

  • Water damage – flooding and excess moisture can cause severe damage to your home
  • Structural damage – the winds caused by hurricanes can tear roofs off, knock trees down, shatter windows, and more, causing you to need extensive repairs or in some cases a complete rebuild
  • Debris damage – flying debris can cause extensive damage because of the high winds, branches, traffic signs, and other objects can be projected through windows, doors, roofs, and more
  • Electrical damage – hurricane winds often knock down power lines leaving properties without electricity for extended periods of time, this can also lead to electrical fires
  • Landscaping or damaged mature trees

Common Issues Policy Holders Face

When filing a homeowners insurance claim, policyholders may face a few issues. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always act in good faith and uphold their promises. Insurance companies may act in bad faith by:

  • offering you a lowball settlement offer
  • severely undervaluing your claim
  • delaying the payment of a valid claim
  • outright denying your claim

For the best chance of avoiding these tactics, it is best to work with an experienced attorney from the start. At Kagan Law, we have the resources and connections to help you understand the full value of your claim, and we can help you take legal action if your insurer fails to uphold its promises.

Let Kagan Law Handle Your Hurricane Idalia Insurance Claim

The experienced attorneys of Kagan Law understand the difficulties you are facing after a hurricane. Let us help you file a claim and get the most compensation possible from your insurance claim. Give us a call today at (954) 300-1068 or contact us online to get started today with a free consultation.